Flexible print minimums with short lead time.

Family owned and operated, Sterling is committed to your success by offering small run volumes with the flexibility you require for your market.  This is why Sterling Packaging has become the Craft Brewers trusted resource for 4 and 6 pack carriers.

4 Pack Carrier

Other Packages Available:

Enclosed Bottle Cartons:

We offer many different styles of 4 and 6 packs, suitable for all bottle types and styles.  We'll even custom create your own unique carrier.

In addition to our full line of carrier baskets, we also offer unique custom packages, for specialty single serve brews, barley wines, sour beers.  If you've recently attended the Craft Brewers Conference, you would have received one of Sterling's single serve cartons that contained the CBC commemorative beer.

Season gift packs:

Looking for a custom printed carton to hold a few bottles, and some glassware, or other swag?  We can do that too!  Give us a call today.


Can Packages:

Availabe in enclosed cartons of 12, 15, 18, 20 and 24 pack, as well as 6 pack overwraps.

Supporting the industry:

Sterling has been a member of the Brewers Association for over 5 years, but have continually supplied this growing industry for well over 20 years.  Through our strong reliable network of distribution, we can offer you the best flexibility in the marketplace.